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More Than That provides numerous opportunities for you
to engage with Mike Buchanan and learn from his journey.

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Mike's Book

More Than That:

Biblical Principles for Dealing with Athletic Injuries

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"Over the course of my life, I have faced discouragement, my identity has been lost, my dreams have been shattered, and I have been left wondering, 'What’s left?' I have learned that although it may not feel like it, God is in absolute control; nothing surprises Him."
- Mike Buchanan

Mike's book combines his personal journey with his expertise in ministry and coaching to inspire injured athletes. 

Mike's Book
Speaking Engagements

Mike speaks internationally to varied audiences including men's retreats, youth camps, sports teams, prayer breakfasts, marriage seminars, couple's retreats, and chapels. He presents to groups of all sizes.  

His authentic, story-filled presentations combine personal testimony with years of leadership, ministry, and coaching experience to bring the gospel and God’s redemption to life. 

Mike is based in Santa Clarita, California, but he is available to travel. If you would like to see if Mike is a good fit to speak to your group or for your upcoming event, click the button below to connect with him.

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Speaking Engagemens
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Welcome to the "pain to SUPERPOWER" podcast where I believe I can help you navigate your pain in life and turn it into your SUPERPOWER!
I will be guiding you from the Word of God and my own personal journey through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pains.
I know pain is subjective and can swallow you up, putting you into a self-imposed prison if not handled in a healthy way.
Pain is real and yet can be our greatest teacher.

Destination Unbreakable

Could your marriage benefit from practical truths and tools to strengthen your relationship?

In a setting that allows you to get away and focus on each other?

With some of your friends?

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My wife, Alison (, and I have developed Destination: Unbreakable, a strength-based marriage retreat, where we help couples discover what’s great about each other. Your relationship can be transformed as you learn to see each other through new lenses and gain a fresh perspective on marriage!


We will work together to:

  • Understand how the differences in you and your spouse may be based on areas of strength, not deficiency; and why that’s a GOOD thing

  • Learn how to love and respect your spouse in a way that builds one another up as you honor how your spouse is designed

  • Rediscover why you said “I do”, launching your relationship to a new level of authenticity and intimacy

  • Prioritize the most important relationship within your relationship

  • Be aware of dangers we typically face in marriage

We bring training by FamilyLife, CoreClarity (strengths coaching) and our own experience, bumps, bruises, and victories. We have been married for 33 years, have 3 adult children, and are still best friends. We have learned and grown together through the years; not all easy, but we have stayed connected, grown closer and are thriving together.

We want to share what we’ve learned! We are looking for small groups of friends, 3 to 12 couples, that want to invest in their marriages… together. This allows true connection, personalized input, as well as accountability and encouragement

among friends…and fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the location of the retreat? 

You choose the destination!


What is the cost?

 $150 per couple (covers our admin and materials); plus our expenses (travel, food, lodging).


What is taught? 

We uniquely tailor the content for your group, including 6 - 12+ hours of content centered around strengths-based
coaching and marriage principles. You design the schedule over 2 to 5 days (we can help with this).

We look forward to getting you started on your journey to Destination: Unbreakable!
Marriage Retreat
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